Problem with snapping to a guideline


I find it difficult to snap a point to a guideline. You can see it in action here:

It snaps to vertical position? How to do this?

This is not a guide. It is just the edge of the bounding box. the horizontal metrics do snap, but not the side bearings. You need to add a guideline. You make it global and attach it to the right with the arrow button in the info box.

ok. I think I don’t quite understand. I did what You told me to do but I cannot make it work.

I operate on quite small elements. This is 10 pt width.

You have to rotate the guideline to sit on top of the gray line.

I put the global guideline onto a right sidebearing but is hasn’t changed anything. Still the point snaps rather to a position x of a point below it than to a guideline.

Here is how I overcame it:

I still don’t understand why adding a global guide can help with snapping.

Sorry. I thought that the gray line is the side bearing. What is it actually?

What you get there is an automatic guideline from the point below. Zooming in a little further should help if you don’t want that.

Georg Seifert
It was a sidebearing.

It doesn’t help at all. I zoom until I can’t even select a point. Still the same.

It seems that this invisible automatic guideline from the nearest point is always preferred.

It happens when I try to position a point that is in a snapping zone of an automatic guide and an angle of a guideline is quite small. I think snapping to a guideline should have an advantage over an automatic guideline.

In fact this feature troubles me the most during font development, so finally I decided to post it.
Please, take a look at this.

Which precise version of Glyphs are you running?

Version 1.4.3 (562)

I see the problem now. So there is a guideline but the snapping to the other node is stronger. I will check that.