Problem with style linking in 964?

Hey there,
I’m desperately trying to make work cmd+shft+i in indesign. But for some reason it does not work in Bold style. (the other weights work fine). Is there any issue regarding this in latest version 964?


I have another user having problems with style linking. Are you sure it is with the latest beta? I didn’t change anything in that area in some time.
But I don’t know why it is not working.

Yes, it’s 2.4.1 (964), what do you suggest?

Can you find out if a previous version does do it right, and see what the difference is in OTMaster?

I tried to help Radek and I confirm, version 2.3 exports linked styles correctly in the particular family.

Can you send us both OTF exports?

Did you guys get the files? Did you locate the problem with linking?

We got the files, thanks, will take a look asap and report back here.

I had a look and both files work on my Indesign CC 2017. And I couldn’t find a difference in the files, either (using OTMaster).