Problem with TTFAutohint

In Glyphs 3099 I get the error message »There was a problem with TTFAutohint«, regardless which font file I try. It works in built 3098. Also, when I generate in 3099 without autohint, the fonts are not working in Chrome and Firefox.

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Do you have an Intel or a M1 mac?


Still the same problem in version 3100.

Can you send me that file?


What version of macOS?


That is it. I fixed it.

Same problem with ttfautohint upon export.
Mac Intel OS v 11.6
Glyphs 3.0.4 (3108)

Only when I export ttf. Export otf is fine.

Do you have a TTFAutohint Settings parameter in your instances?

Same issue on Mac M1 12.4 -
TTFAutohint in Export table in ON.

Sorry for the delay…

  1. Does it still occur in the latest beta?
  2. What are your TTF Autohint Settings?