Problem with Unicode U+1F0E0

Having a small problem with Unicode. I can add glyph U+1F0E0 called PLAYING CARD FOOL via the Unicode checker app and my glyph appears as expected in Glyphs 3.0.3 but when I export the font as OTF I can’t call it from my Unicode Hex input keyboard on my mac. If I use the private use code E000 instead everything woks fine, but 1F0E0 isn’t available, not sue what I’m doing wrong. Any suggestions ?

The Mac hexadecimal keyboard only works with four-digit codepoints. You can enter U+1F0E0 as a sequence of two four-digit codepoints: D83C and DCE0. Hold down Option and press all four characters before releasing the Option key. You can find the correspondig eight digts for a five or six digit codepoint in UnicodeChecker in the UTF-16-Hex section:

I prefer to use the symbol picker (choose EditEmoji & Symbols, or Command-Control-Space). Type the codepoint into the search field and insert it by pressing the Down arrow key and confirming with Return:

Thanks florianpircher, I understand my problem now. The symbol picker is a great way to do this, I shall use this technique from now on. Thanks mate !