Problems exporting: contextual alternative font


I’ve been using Glyphs for a while now, but am new to feature. I’m having problems exporting a font with contextual alternatives. The below error keeps coming up and I don’t know how to solve the problem. Any advice?

Error: “syntax error at “i.calt1” [features.fea 37” in Class Voc1 in line: 1

You will have to dig in there and see what may be wrong at the spot indicated by the error message. Look for i.calt01 in the class definition of Voc01, but also immediately before. MakeOTF error messages are sometimes slightly off:

Hello mekkablue, thanks for the message.

I’ve been digging a lot but don’t really know what I’m looking for. I found the point at which is it mentioned in the features window: i.calt1 is in line 1 of Voc1. It’s there and there are no typos, no spaces – not sure what’s wrong.

I got it working with the Script > Effects > Beowolfise, but that changes the look of my characters, so I have to labourously replace all the characters to make this system work. There’s got to be an easier way of doing this.


Now the alternate method to make it work has also stopped working.

I got this message:

Last login: Mon May 7 12:18:51 on ttys000
/Users/alexanderturner/Library/Application\ Support/Glyphs/Temp/Sultana_04-test-Dementia/generateFont.command ; exit;
Alexanders-iMac-2:~ alexanderturner$ /Users/alexanderturner/Library/Application\ Support/Glyphs/Temp/Sultana_04-test-Dementia/generateFont.command ; exit;
makeotfGlyphs [WARNING] — Source font: font.pfa
makeotfGlyphs [WARNING] moveto sequence (collapsed) <t.calt2>
makeotfGlyphs [WARNING] moveto sequence (collapsed) <j.calt3>
syntax error at “c.calt1” [features.fea 37]
makeotfGlyphs [FATAL] <Sultana_04-test-Dementia> aborting because of errors
Saving session…
…copying shared history…
…saving history…truncating history files…

[Process completed]

You are looking for an error in the feature code. Please read the introductory tutorials and understand the AFDKO feature code you are using. Start here:

I cannot spare you dealing with feature code, but trust me, it is really easy.

Again, the error message may be a little off. Have a look at what comes immediately before that. There must be another class before Voc1. Also, all the glyph names must be names of existing and exporting glyphs in your font.

I notice you refer to it as i.calt1 here, and in the message you posted it shows you are also using .calt2 and .calt3. The original error message from MakeOTF shows the error as i.calt01. So perhaps the error is a typo in Voc1?

Hello George

Thanks for the message. That’s an older screen-grab from a different version, so the numbers are different. In the version I’m working on the names do match up. Well spotted though!


Many thanks Mekkablue, your previous message explaining that the error messages can be slightly off helped me solve the problem. It was actually the character before. I’ve sorted it now.


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