Problems making italic versions

I’m making italic versions of an existing family (also created in Glyphs). When I use either Transformations > Cursify or Transformations > Slant to batch-oblique the characters, it knocks pretty much all the component glyphs out of alignment: either the base glyph jumps to the left (and snaps back into position when I remove and replace the diacritic), or both the base and the accent jump to the left. I’ve set the slant angle correctly in Font Info and am using 1/2 the x-height as the origin. Can you help?

Also: once I’ve fixed up the alignment problems, added extrema, and exported, the final OTF isn’t always recognized by Adobe apps (like Illustrator CS4), even though the otf files are sitting in the Font folder next to roman versions that work perfectly. I’ve renamed them in Font Info as per your posted instructions (which seem to work for some weights of the family but not others). I’ve cleared the font caches and restarted several times. What am I doing wrong?

[OS 10.8.4, Glyphs 1.3.23]

Many thanks.

can you post a screenshot of one of the component glyphs, or send us the .glyphs file?

And can you try to update to version 1.4.1 (by activating “show cutting edge versions” in Preferences > Update)?

Sent to the info address. Many thanks for taking a look, Georg!

The ordering of your components is wrong.

e.g. select the accent in Aacute and cut + paste. Then the base glyph will jump to the correct position.

Then select a accent glyphs in font view and run Layer > Make Component Glyphs.

And then read this: