Problems with commaabovecomb

I have a TrueType variable font that has been working okay in Word, Pages, InDesign, Mellel for some time. Yesterday I re-exported the font after I added an additional character (x+caroncomb). Coincidentally, it appears the Glyphs app was recently updated as I received the ‘font was saved by older version’ message. (currently 3.2 (3180)). After I updated I found that when character combinations use commaabovecomb, the commaabovecomb no longer appears to be using mark positioning. Other diacriticals are fine. When I do a text preview (screenshot below) it looks fine. When I type in Pages it looks better, but the commaabovecomb is slightly left of center. In Font Goggles, Word, Mellel the commaabovecomb is no longer positioned over the character (screenshot below). I reviewed the top/_top anchors and all look okay. Any advice? (I rebuild the font cache after every install). Monterey 13.2.1.
In Glyphs
In Pages
In Word
In Font Goggles

Can you send me the .glyphs file? And what version did you use to export the working font?

Any reason you have an empty mkmk feature? Remove that and the mark feature will work again.

If you have an custom ‘mark’ and/or ‘mkmk’ feature, Glyphs skip the default features.

Georg, thanks…that worked.