Problems with custom parameters

I have an older font that makes use of custom parameters to generate 4 variants on export. I recently had to update the font and the way the custom parameters has changed in newer versions of Glyphs.
What I’ve noticed:

  1. Rename Glyphs now swaps two glyphs instead of replacing them.
    In the older version, having A.ss01=A would replace A with A.ss01 and A.ss01 would be removed from the font.
    In the newer versions A is just swapped with A.ss01 and both glyphs remain in the font.
    I prefer the older behavior.

  2. Filter: RemoveOverlap no longer deletes open contours. While this may be a feature for some, my font relied on the fact that open contours are removed with RemoveOverlap. The font is an inline style. One instance is an “Open” style where all the inlines are removed. I drew my inlines as open contours and the previous versions of Glyphs removed them on export with the RemoveOverlap custom parameter and it worked perfectly.
    Is there any workaround for this to remove open contours on export?

Thank you.

The rename glyphs parameter was changed after long discussions. It gives more options now. You need to add an ‘Remove glyphs’ parameter.

The open path should not be exported regardless of the remove overlap. I have a look.

The only thing is I have an OffsetCurve filter after the RemoveOverlap filter. So the open paths don’t get removed then they become closed paths with the OffsetCurve.

Then you need a small filter that does nothing else then to remove open paths. That can then be used in the instance before the offset path filter.

Yes. I have a script that removes open contours but I don’t know how to make it work in custom parameters. How would I do that?

There is a filter called Layer geek from Rainer that allows you to run python code as a filter. Or wrap your script into an filter using the template provided at

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