Problems with dropping/viewing Image

Two people are working on the same Glyphs file, latest version. Person A dragged/dropped an image and started tracing it. Person B can see the image in the thumbnail, but not when opening the glyphs box. Only a small pixel icon shows up.
How can we solve this?


That sounds like the image file can’t be located.

Try using the .glyphspackage file format, that stores the image files within the glyphspackage file and thus means you will be able to see the image on all devices.

It seems that after some recent update images are saved using absolute paths, so when moving the file to a different machine images can’t be found. I’m seeing this diff today just opening a file and saving it:

@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ pos = (297,110);
 backgroundImage = {
 alpha = 80;
 angle = -1.5;
-imagePath = "images/MS-ADD-01116-000-00029.jpg";
+imagePath = "/Users/XXX/Development/aliftype/raqq/sources/images/MS-ADD-01116-000-00029.jpg";
 locked = 1;
 pos = (-2646,-2604);
 scale = (5,5);

thank you very much, that worked!

I’m already using glyphspackage, how do I make it store the images indide it?

I would not move the images into the package. That would duplicate the images every time you duplicate the file. And I’m not sure if the images are copied when you do a ‘Save As’.

I’ll fix this.

If you work with .glyphspackage, I would argue it is pretty rare that you duplicate the file. At least the conscious choice of using the glyphspackage is to use it in versioning, where duplicating the file is not useful anyway.

In any case, I noticed Glyphs creates the /Images/ directory automatically inside the package if you paste an image into the working file.