Problems with multiple installations


I’ve run into something unexpected when having a couple of installations on the go. In the past, I’ve had several versions installed on the taskbar, but in the last few weeks I’ve had this error when launching the cutting edge version.

The other one on my taskbar currently is version 1043, but it’s not running when I get this message. I’m on High Sierra now.

When I re-download as suggested, the new beta works for a while but then after doing work in the older version the beta stops working again. The fresh download also deletes all my plugins, which is pretty annoying as I then have to re-install and re-input the licence codes to get them working again.

Any ideas what’s causing it?

I cannot reproduce. I have 1043 and the latest beta. They share settings and plugins without problems. Which plugins are you running?

Just re-download the app. You can get each version like this: (replace XXXX with the version number you need).

I did re-download, and this is what happened after that. I’ll try to screencast the problem in the next couple of days.

Plugins: RMX tools, plus these:

All my scripts got deleted on the re-install :frowning:

That can’t be. The has nothing to do with the scripts/plugins in the Application Support folder.

Was not done by Glyphs. Are you using some kind of uninstall tool like AppZapper or AppDelete? Tools like these can also remove the Application Support folder.

No. Just deleting the corrupted version and re-downloading. As I said, I’ll try to make a screencast when having time.