Problems with path starting points

Export > OTF (+ Remove Overlap) changes the path starting point of some glyphs. The starting point can differ even if the origin of the component is the same (such as o). See the images attached. Is there a reason for this or is it a bug? I’m using Glyphs 2.3b (OS X 10.9.5.).

This is a result of the Remove Overlap code. It is not a but, at least not a new one as it always was like this.

Ok, thanks! So I guess in order to maintain consistency I need to apply Remove Overlap filter and then Correct Path Direction manually to all glyphs before export.

You can do all that with the Custom Parameter Filter, so you can keep working non-destructively.

But, why does it have to be consistent in the OTF?

Thank you, I managed to do it with the filter. For some reason I just prefer it this way.