Problems with registration on new computer (fixed)

Never mind — I realized I needed a .glyphs2license file, not a .glyphslicense.

I recently transferred my files to a new computer. When I open Glyphs, it says:

Register Glyphs
The Licenese Information is not valid.
Please reregister.
Glyphs will run in Demo Mode.

When I double-click to open the Glyphs License file, an earlier version of Glyphs opens and says

Register Glyphs
Thank You for registering Glyphs.

However, I want to use the new version. When I specifically tell my computer to open the license with the newer version, it says

The document “[name].glyphsLicense” could not be opened. Glyphs cannot open files in the “Glyphs License” format.

What is especially confusing is that even with all this, when I click on Glyphs > Registration… in the menu, it says that I do have a license. However, it still runs in Demo Mode (which I assume means that I can’t save edits I’ve made).

How can I fix this? I’ve already tried deleting the older version of Glyphs and doing everything suggested here, but it didn’t work.

Thank you!