Problems with "Set Crop to Layer Bounds"

macOS 10.12.6, G2.5b [1101]
If I have an image placed I’m running into two problems:

  1. After doing ‘Set Crop to Layer Bounds’ and I need to uncrop it a few days later, there is not a way to uncrop it.
  2. I have a template .tiff image of four characters showing two characters on the top row and two on the bottom row.
    a. Position the image with the lower left hand character in the layer bounds, do ‘Set Crop to Layer Bounds’. The cropped image will preview correctly in the Font View window.
    b. Position any of the other three characters in the layer bounds, do ‘Set Crop to Layer Bounds’, and none of those other three template characters will preview in Font View. The cropped area does preview correctly in the Character cell view.

The same is true if it is multiple characters in a single row. Only the character at extreme left will preview in the Font Window after doing the ‘Set Crop to Layer Bounds’ operation.

What I have discovered is that the scaling value is part of the problem. If I scale it 500%, then a large portion of the missing image will appear in the Font View preview but pushed down in the cell. If I scale it 760%, just a small portion of the top part of the missing image will show at the bottom of the character cell in Font View. In other words, the higher the scale value, the further G2 is pushing the image down in the Font View preview – except that the left and bottom-most part of the image always previews positioned correctly. I am using the gray Info box to enter the scaling values.

Thx for reporting. Will look into it.

Could you send me the .tif and .glyphs file?

Made a test file; sending now to support.

This is fixed since version 1103.

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