Problems with style linking on PC


I’ve made a typeface with 5 cuts that I’ve named as follows:
Roman, Roman italic
Bold, Bold italic
Heavy Display

I’ve style linked them in this way:
The bold is the bold of roman
The roman italic is the italic of roman
The bold italic is the bold, italic of roman

This all works swimmingly on mac without any issues whatsoever using cmd+i, cmd+b in TextEdit. It also works perfectly in Word and Powerpoint for Mac.

However, using the typeface in Windows, I’m having some problems. In PowerPoint, when selecting the roman cut and clicking the italic button, it selects the bold italic instead of the roman italic.

I’m at my wits end in figuring out what causes this. Can you possibly help? :slight_smile:

Did you use “Roman Italic” as the style name? Try just “Italic”.

Yeah I did. Will try out your suggestion and let you know!

Renamed the cuts to:

Bold Italic
Heavy Display

The style linking is done as described in the initial post, just with “Regular” instead of “Roman”. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t work.

Any other suggestions?

Could you send me us the .glyphs file?

@GeorgSeifert, the post just above from @Allenparker321 is spam. It is structured exactly like many of the same which were showing up at Typophile several months ago.

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