Programmatic smallcaps?


My font has caps, smallcaps and petite caps (actually not petite caps but x-height small capital letters for IPA):

I’m wondering whether there’s a way to get the smallcaps to be interpolations between the caps and petite caps, so that when I change a petite cap, the small cap reinterpolates any changes. As though the caps and petite caps are masters and the smallcaps are interpolations. For example I’d like to make some of my petite caps a bit wider, and add more generous sidebearings.

Currently I’m pasting the cap and petite cap into the foreground and background of the smallcap and using ‘transform with background’ on each glyph manually. Another way might be to design each letter as a smart component and then have caps, small caps and petite caps all derived from the smart master?

Anyone got a better suggestion? I’m sure a script could do this, but my proficiency with Python is far too basic :slight_smile:

might give you a heads up with the script.

That is what would have suggested.