Projects file. Can I replace Languagsystems?

Is there a way to replace Languagesystems in a projects file?

The ‘Remove Glyphs’ parameter seems to be executed after the Languagesystems is auto Generated. I have three scripts in my Project and when I try to create versions with just the two I get all script tags in the otf’s. Can you have a look at it please? Or add a custom parameter for replacing Prefix?

The Languagesystems are not autogenerated on export. But you can force it by adding the Update Features parameter.

I have already done that. The issue persists.

Do you have a feature that is not automatic?

Yes. But Languagesystems is set on Auto.

the Languagesystems check all features for script tags. It has not (directly) to do with the glyphs. So if there is a feature that is not automatic, the languagesystem will still pick it up. You need to remove or replace that feature with a custom parameter.

So even if a feature stays the same in the two versions I will still need to replace it as long as it is not updating automatically? Would you perhaps consider including a Replace Prefix parameter alternatively?

Can you send me the .glyphs file and the project file?

And a Replace Prefix is a good idea.

I have sent the files some days ago to support.

Hey Georg, any luck with this?

A Replace Prefix parameter is in the pipeline. It will probably come too late for your project. For the time being you have two options:

  1. I believe it is possible to ignore it because I don’t think there are any issues with the font if it is installed, or did you experience anything?
  2. You temporarily override the Prefix manually, export the instances in question, and set it back to automatic afterwards.


  1. I haven’t experienced anything and I don’t expect it will affect the performance of the fonts so yes, I can ignore it. However I would prefer if I got rid of the unwanted tags.

  2. You mean generate the instances that need overriding from the original glyphs file and then replace them in the project file? Or generate the instances and generate the font files from them?

  1. Change the Prefix in the .glyphs file.
  2. Save the file
  3. Switch to your .glyphsproject file.
  4. Export the .glyphsproject file.
  5. Switch back to the .glyphs file.
  6. Set the Languagesystems back to automatic.
  7. Save again.
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I cannot see an answer to my question which would be exactly the title of the thread. I’d like to remove an include statement for some instances only which is located in the Languagesystems. It is not generated automatically, so I thought about using the Replace Features for that. Or as you said the replace prefix. Could this work by now?

I don’t really understand what you are trying to do, but there is a Replace Prefix parameter now. Should work like the Replace Feature parameter.

As I said, there is a include statement in the Languagesystems and in certain Instances I don’t want the include to happen, because these instances are not allowed to have any feature code.

I’ll try with a custom paramter like this:
Replace Prefix > Languagesystems; languagesystem DFLT dflt; languagesystem latn dflt; ... languagesystem mym2 dflt;

the Replace Prefix is greyed out in my 1064, though.

Edit: I cannot get a proper include() working without getting a MakeOTFError. So I cannot test if it works. Is there something important to the included .fea file? I just added a simple liga feature in there and nothing else:

feature liga {
    sub f i by fi;
} liga;

Can you try in the latest beta?

So I checked in 1084. It still doesn’t work. As soon as I add the include('myfeatures.fea') to theLanguagesystems, I cannot export and get the MakeOTF Error. The content of the .fea is exactly the liga feature I wrote above. Is there anything missing?