Projects - Path

Hi team

So — is it possible for each of the instances in Projects, to be exported to a specific path?


Per project, yes. Per instance, no.

Thanks! I’m asking because it’d be quite handy if that was the case, as my trial files should be generated from the main file, and i suppose that’s the case for most designers.

That’s what a .glyphsproject is for. Define all your trial files in one, and export into a separate folder.

To define it on an instance basis seems smart at first, but it can be tedious if you want to change it later. Or setting up alone would be time-consuming already.

If you need to define packages for retailers, it is not a good idea to do it from within Glyphs. There are much better solutions with macOS Folder Actions.

I had no idea that it’s possible to make several projects from one file. Then everything is good — thanks Rainer!

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