Proof Printing directly from Glyphs?

Searching for a way to proof print all masters/preset sentences etc. through glyphs. Is there a way in Glyphs or is there an other way?

You can print whatever is in the Edit View.

Can you make a mockup how you like the output to look like?

Look into Drawbot, otherwise. You can run that directly from within Glyphs using the Drawbot plugin.

Or look into Peter Nowell’s Font Proofer. There is a link in the Resources.

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Or construct HTML&CSS pages particular to the requirements of each typeface, and then generate the fonts into that folder and load it with @font-face. With OpenType features and variable fonts supported, I’ve found that is the easiest and fastest way to do proofing. Start with a simple document and expand it as needed, and remember that you can even make special CSS for print output.

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A good starting point for HTML is the mekkablue script Test > Variable Font Test HTML.