Proofing interpolations on print

I’d like to proof several weights of a font on print so that the regular, medium and bold versions of each letter are lined up next to each other. So: AAA (regular, medium, bold), BBB, CCC, DDD and so forth.

Basically like the instances and their interpolations are shown in the preview bar at the bottom of Glyphs.

Is the easiest way to do this to export all the instances and lay them out myself, or is there a simpler way to generate the aforementioned strings as pdfs?

I can’t imagine this would be rocket science with some Python knowledge. Also seem to remember recently seeing talk about a plug-in or script that shows all masters in a new tab (within Glyphs) but am unable to find that at the moment. Is working great for masters. But not instances.

You may try yanone’s autopsy for instances.

Or switching Software and try

For me it worked fine in Indesign with “nested styles”.