PS Hints in 3.02 (3042) – not able to attach hint to node

This is an odd one which ‘sometimes’ occurs.
I’ve imported a font master from FL7. The hints (even though they are linked to nodes in FL) come through not attached to nodes. So I’m going through and reattaching the hints. However, sometimes I can’t move a hint handle from the edge in order to drag it to a node on the outline.

The bottom serif lower node won’t move in this example

I don’t experinec this in G2. And it solves itself if I save and reopen in G3. Then it may occur a bit later on.

Is there a way to send me reproducible test case?

Unfortunately not Georg.
I think it always appears to be the ‘start’ (round handle) of the hint on the baseline.

The file I previously emailed has these hints in it.
It may be a case of starting at A and dragging the hint handles to the stems one by one until you hit one that’s not happy. May take several glyphs to find one.

I can reproduce it and have an idea what causes this.

If a hint gets stuck, can you try to hit Cmd+A (Select All) if that releases it?

Yes it does!

I found the problem and fixed it.

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