PUA encoding problem

Hello friends!
I have some problem with PUA
When I write in the “Pages” initial and final forms are written automatically
In MS Word / PS / AI - everything works well

Please help

What do positional forms have to do with PUA? And what exactly is your problem?

The problem is that the initial and final forms will be included automatically
Pages -

MS Word -

These are swash forms. If you don’t want them triggered automatically, then you have to move them to the swsh feature.

They do not appear in Word because you did not turn on OT features. What happens if you activate contextual alternates?

Swashes Is amazing idea! Thank you! =*

Sometimes it is a hassle to get OpenType features to work in MS Word…

That’s not it. I don’t understand why in Pages init and fina written automatically(

Because the init and fina feature is on by default. It should be only used for Arabic but the specification is not 100% about that (and even gives an Latin example). So Pages is correct in applying the features.