PUA glyphs don't get custom glyph names

I have a font that makes heavy use of the Unicode PUA. All my glyphs have custom glyph names. I have “Use custom naming” set on the font. Some glyphs are used for non-PUA characters as well as PUA ones. When I export the font, only the glyphs with non-PUA code points get the custom names. The PUA-only glyphs get the “uniXXXX” names.

I really, really need the custom names, because I have software that uses the font and depends on them. If Glyphs can’t provide them, I’ll have to do post-processing on the font, which I’d rather not do. I see that this was a bug in 2013. Is there any chance of it getting fixed now? Is there any workaround?

Glyphs differences between internal names (also nice names, friendly names, or simply glyph names) and production glyph names. The nice names are used inside Glyphs. On export, the production names are used. For your PUA glyphs, renaming them only changes the nice name, not the production name.

If you need custom production glyph names, select a glyph and choose EditInfo for Selection and edit the production name there. In the Font tab, you can also use the inspector located in the bottom left to edit the production name of the selected glyph (click the arrow-icon next to the Unicode field to see the full inspector).