PUA value and ordering

does applying some PUA values on glyphs present in “other” also reorders them in “Glyph palette” view in Adobe apps?
In other words I have designed some ornaments but I’d like them to appear in a certain order (not the order I’ve designed them).

They are supposed to reorder by name, too. I say what a lot but just now I can’t reproduce it. Could you send me a test file?

well, I don’t really want they to sort by name, but by an arbitrary order (in my specific case).
I could change the names but it would screw up the dynamic sidebearings (as I use the name of one of the swashes as L R metrics).
BTW, when manually writing an unicode value, it would be handy Glyphs trying to automatically convert it to uppercase rather than displaying an error message when I write, for instance, e001 (glyphs wants E001)


also, I’ve tried to set an unicode value I had already set for a previous glyph. i expected a warning popup. instead I found Glyphs to set the same unicode value (E025) to both glyphs :confused:

also noticing changing unicode values messes up texts in other panels. Sometimes the glyph disappear from the string, sometimes not, sometimes is switched (the last case happened when assigned same unicode value to 2 glyphs).

Fixed that, too.

so I’ve added unicode values to some swashes and now copying&pasting them across Adobe apps works like a charm.
However, value does not affects order of glyphs. How to do it without changing their name? Do you still want me to send you my file?