Punch through features

I want to add a feature (rlig) to a font.

  1. Approach 1: Is it possible to manipulate the features table on an existing font? I’m fine with a CLI based solution.
    It’s not a good option to import the font into Glyphs, as it loses information, but this approach won’t work anyway as I don’t have rights to distribute a modified version of the font.

  2. Approach 2: Is it possible to have a font that is ONLY feature information (no glyphs)? When I try to Export such a font, I get this error:

Error: "Glyph "F" not in font (featMapGName2GID)" in Feature rlig in line: 1

The idea is to use MyFont, which contains the feature information I want, but no glyphs, as OS X is smart enough to pull glyphs from the default System Font when they aren’t available in the current font. Make sense?

  1. yes. Look into ttx/fonttools or otmaster.
  2. No. Features cannot work across fonts. They always reference glyph IDs in the same font.

Thanks! Assuming you have experience with fonttools, are you willing to consult outside the forums for $$$?