Put glyphs in category of choice

Sometimes when I create a glyph, Glyphsapp automatically pits it in the right category, but some come in the ‘others’ category. Is there a way to move a glyph to a category of my choice, without opening up the GlyphData.xml file?

If not, it seems like a fairly simple and useful feature.



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Have you tried cmd-alt-I to change the glyph category and subcategory?

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What @Bendy said and can you give some examples of what glyph names you have problems with.

Thanks Bendy! And Georg, here’s a few:

  • caronaltcomb

  • dotcentercomb

  • ringacutecomb.case

  • jacute.ss03

  • napostrope.case

caronaltcomb > caroncomb.alt
dotcentercomb > dotaccentcomb.center
ringacutecomb.case > ringcomb_acutecomb.case
jacute.ss03 > I added that to the GlyphData
napostrope.case > What should that be?

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Ah thank you for the help!

napostrophe.case is basically Napostrophe, but it would only be needed when the napostrophe is used in an allcaps setting (I’m sure you know napostrophe remains small when at the start of a sentence), so I thought it made sense to just add .case

Why do you add this glyph to your font in the first place? napostrophe is not, was never, and will never be in active use. You do type apostrophe, then n in Afrikaans.

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@mekkablue Thank you I didn’t know that :slight_smile: It also makes a lot more sense to type it that way actually!