Puzzled over this accent

Where do I find this or name this on my glyph panel?

Not an accent; probably quotesingle, uni0027.

Hi Again
the quote single works with Lowe rcase but I am stumped with the Upper Case solution.

This a rough idea as to what I mean

I believe it is called an Elision in french which an apostrophe is/was called in English.

Apostrophe is correct in English; quoteright (uni2019) is the glyph you’re looking for. It only has one form, i.e. not cased.

This explains it.

That is probably “quotesingle”.

Or this could be an /Lcarron / /lcaron!

Thanks to all for the response. My issue was solved when I woke up to the fact that different people use different keyboards (ie) French keyboard vs English keyboards and when I was testing the kerning I was getting different results from different authors.