Python for type designers – best resources?

Aside from intensive workshops like those offered by Joancarles Casasín and Gustavo Ferreira – which i believe might be the best way to learn scripting – i haven’t found any more accessible and reliable resources for learning this codecraft.

Are there any publications, websites, video-tutorials, or anything else that would help to learn from scratch and end up at least a moderately high degree of proficiency?

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If you want to learn it specifically for Glyphs, you can start here too:

Is Learning Python, 4th Edition good too?I’ve bought already 4th edition and I don’t know if 5th is better for somebody, who want to learn python 2.x.

I heard that this course is very good:
and I started with this course for programming beginners(it is totally free)

another useful website for beginners
it shows you how programs(not sophisticated ones) are working

another resource I saw…