Python script for creating Shadow style, but no Python experience

I’m working on a personal design which has two decorative styles: outline & shadow

Finding myself executing the same actions over and over, which are mostly native Filters (Offset Curve & Extrude) with a few intermediate steps for the shadow. The outline style can mostly be done with a select all and Offset Curve. The shadow style feels like a prime example of where a script would save me a lot of time.

Shadow Creation:

  1. Uses the Outline style as a base
  2. Select the outermost paths in a glyph (such as Abrevedotbelow)
  3. Remove Overlap
  4. Invert selection
  5. Delete paths
  6. Run Extrude filter
  7. Repeat across 3 masters

The obvious answers are: learn python (I’ve run through the tutorials on this site) or pay someone else to make it for me

My question: Are there any resources available which could assist me with figuring out the appropriate code? This seems fairly straight forward and perhaps a learning opportunity.


@DaveBailey There is a plugin in Plugin Manager named Shadow which might help. The result might need some tweaking for your use.

::eta:: Harbor Type and Kyle Wayne Benson also have drop shadow scripts you can try. Plugin Manager if you don’t already have them.

@George_Thomas I’ve tried all of those and none of those are producing the results I’m looking for, some of the scripts seem to be broken (possibly not updated for G3). Appreciate the idea/share!

Hi @DaveBailey, If you still have this issue and need help, would you send me an email to hello[at]markfromberg[dot]com and I’ll see what I can do for you.