Quality of life suggestion for Glyphs Mini

Whenever I open the Glyphs Mini app, it opens with a new font instead of my font.
Could we have an option, maybe in preferences, to make the app automatically open the last opened “.glyphs” file? That would save a lot of time from closing the “new font” then manually go to “File > Open Recent” every time we open the Glyphs app.

It would be really nice to have this feature in my opinion! :slight_smile:

If you close Glyphs Mini without closing the documents, they all should be restored on re-opening the app.

Hi Georg. I think this was true in the previous version (I don’t remember with sure), but since you updated the new app to 2.0.2 (87) I just tested what you mentioned, used the quit glyphs from both the menu, and by Command+Q, and in all cases, it doesn’t open my opened file anymore, instead it opens a blank new font.

With my document opened, I try to quit the app, but it doesn’t restore my document when opening the app.

Maybe it’s something I can fix myself through a config file?

That is a problem with the app store version, then. I have a look.

Possible speedups:

  • Right-click (or click and hold) the Dock icon to directly access recent files.
  • Or after the app opened, four-finger swipe down on your trackpad to access recent files.
  • Quickest way: open the file directly instead of opening the app first.

Hey mekka, just wanted to say thank you. These suggestions are really great and save me a lot of time! :slight_smile:
Merry xmas for all Glyphs staff :christmas_tree:
Thanks very much for this great app!

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