Quality of prints G2 vs InDesign

Last few weeks I noticed a difference in quality in prints made from G2 versus pints made from InDesign.

Prints form G2 tend to be less sparkling and a few pixel more fat. Is there anything known about this ?

Exported fonts without hints, with remove overlap into Adobe fonts folder. OSX 10.9.5, InDesign CS4

This should only be noticeable in small sizes. Convert to outlines in Indesign and print that. It should look similar to the output from Glyphs.

Thanks, I will look into it.

But the prints from InDesign without the conversion look better and more like they should be. Especially in Hairlines and thin weights (in bigger sizes).

Can you make a PDF from Glyphs print dialog and one from Indesign? And compare the two?
Some printers have an option to print as a 300 dpi image. Maybe the printer settings are different in Glyphs and Indesign.

I had a look.

I originally made printer presets, but I didn’t know they were overuled by the program. G2 settings were set at FastRes. Setting it to ProRes gives a better result.

Thank you for your insight ! I will test this and see if it gives the results I would like to have.