Question about glyph naming

In the blog on Narrow Diacritics, this:
"… For diacritics based on i and j, Glyphs will prefer a mark with an .i or .narrow ending."

This isn’t anywhere in the manual, so I got to wondering if there are any other name suffixes that Glyphs has built-in and will recognize, that have not yet been mentioned.

Are there any others?

A major update for the manual is about to be released very soon. I’m doing the final corrections and adjustments as we speak.

You can add feature names as extensions, and they will be preferred if you build a substitution glyph for that feature, e.g. Amacron.ss01 will prefer macron.ss01 over macron. This also applies to .sc for small caps and .case for uppercase diacritics. And you can change the decomposition rules in your glyph data and add your own marks.

I understand about feature names. What I was wondering about was anything special that Georg had added which seem to be Glyphs-specific, such as the ‘.i’ and ‘.narrow’.