Question about ligatures!

hello for all

I work on an Arabic font
I make all ligatures as required ligatures and I want this option as the standard for the font

but I want to give the user the option if he don’t want to use the ligatures to back to the normal style for the letters

how can I make this ??

thanks in advance

The answer is yes, and the following is an explanation.

There are three types of ligatures depending on whether you want them active by default and be user-controlled, and there are OpenType names for them:
rlig: Required ligature. Appears by default and the user cannot disable (like lam_alef).
liga: Standard ligature. Appears by default and the user can disable.
dlig: Discretionary ligature. Doesn’t appear by default and the user can enable.

If you have a ligature glyph like feh_yeh-ar, its default behaviour is dlig, meaning if you go to Font Info > Features and update features (button at the bottom left), the ligature is treated as a dlig one. It doesn’t appear by default as explained.

If you want to make them a standard ligature, you add the suffix ‘.liga’ to the glyph name (feh_yeh-ar.liga) and update the features. And if you want to make it a required ligature, similarly add ‘.rlig’.

Some ligatures like lam_alef are always considered rlig, which is why their glyph names are not like ‘lam_alef.rlig’ but still get picked up in rlig feature.


Thanks for your time
And for this explaination

I will try this

Really thanks