Question about manual characters in interpolated weights

this question is mainly to make sure I’m not screwing things up in my work.

I’m working on a family of 6 weights with interpolations. one of the interpolations is heavier than the heaviest master (so the heaviest weight is Black, but the heaviest master drawing is Extra Bold, the next lightest weight.) the lightest master is also the lightest weight.

some of my ligatures need to be handmade in every weight, so I’m adding brace layers in each weight for fi, ffi.

in my master layers, the ffi lig contains a custom f followed by a reference to the fi.

I customized the fi in each brace layer, so i was assuming the ffi would pick up that same construction, but the preview isn’t showing it—instead, it’s showing the custom f and the master drawing of the fi in the position of the referenced glyph. should i be manually copy/pasting fi into ffi in each brace layer?

that was my solution, but I became unsure of it and thought it better to ask.

I now know about both bracket and brace tricks, as I was clearly trying to invoke here. problem solved: this needed brace layers as well as intermediate bracket layers. but I worked it out in the masters instead.

You should only need bracket layers if you need to change the compatibility. Otherwise the brace layers should be fine. I fixed a few thing for the preview of brace layer in components so you might need to export to be sure.