Question about the Glyph Panel

Is the Glyph Panel (Window-> Glyph Panel) only meant to be used as a way of inserting components into glyphs?

I was imagining it could be an alternate input method of typing glyphs into the edit view, a more gridded visual of cmd+F…but it seems like that is not the case.

Is it possible for it to also be an input method when a glyph isn’t selected or will this lead to conflicting uses?

Also, imagined that two-finger click would give the “Copy Glyph Names” options as it does in Font View.

Sidenote: I tried using cmd+C to copy and Glyphs crashed.

If there is a conflict, one idea could be to add an option to the cmd+F panel for a gridded view (preferably with a Zoom option)

Yes, for now. We are working on improving this.

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