Question about toolbar icons

I’ve noticed with the last several beta versions that the toolbar icons (pen tool, draw, etc.) sometimes appear pure black, but sometimes medium gray in the “edit glyph” window. I’m not confusing this with the light gray “disabled” icons that appear in “font view”. In previous versions the icons were always a medium/dark gray, but now, at random times, they are black. I can’t seem to discover a reason behind this. Is it a rendering bug, or do the black icons mean something else?

OS X 10.11.4

Can you post a screenshot?

@GeorgSeifert Sure thing! It’s difficult to reproduce as it happens at random, but I will post a screenshot next time it occurs.

Hey Georg, here is a screenshot of the toolbar colors. The top “gray” bar is how the icons normally appear in the glyph edit window. However, at random times the icons change to “black” as seen in the bottom bar.

I’ve noticed that in window mode the icons are black, but on fullscreen mode they are gray.

Does anything change in terms of functionality?

The icons are drawn by the system. So I can’t do anything about this.