Question about zoom

I’m working on an unusual project and realized it’s not possible in Glyphs to zoom on details in all places of a glyph, i mean at a certain distance from side bearings or on the very top/bottom of ascender/descender … however my project is a very rare case and i have no serious problem with zoom before, but i think it’s good to give more information about it, so:

is there additional setting to help zoom on those areas?

i ask this question not just for this project, i ask it because sometimes i have to import whole glyphs of a project from somewhere else to a selected glyph to make a font, and this limitation prevents to do preparations and working on them at there as a ‘big workplace’. i know many designers work with Glyphs and you and them have a good solution for that. i just ask to learn.

(i can send the font in DM)


Can you be more specific please? How does zoom not work? Can you supply screenshots?

I assume that @aminabedi68 means that one can’t zoom in on the extreme points of glyphs if they exceed the vertical metrics (such as Zapfino), e.g. in my script font, there is a paranthesis that extends vertically over several lines. But I can only see the extreme points from a very low zoom level:
Ohne Titel-2

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In such extreme cases, you need to add some whitespace characters to the edit view. for vertical glyph, add a few line breaks before and after and for horizontal overhangs, use spaces.


i was going to but @bastian already did it.

yes, exactly. thank you.

yes! that works for me. thank you :))