Question: Postion of the mouse

Can anyone help me with position of the mouse?
I’m trying to create my first reporter-plugin that needs coordinates of current mouse’s position.
(From these coordinates plugin will calculate the nearest point on path)

For last few hours I tried to implement this to the background method:

currentController = self.controller.view().window().windowController()
if currentController:
	tool = currentController.toolEventHandler()
	crossHairCenter = tool.valueForKey_("draggCurrent").pointValue()

( from this topic
Detect position of mouse without dragging )

and i’m getting type error:
TypeError: 'NSKVONotifying_GSEditViewController' object is not callable

Please, help me

I made a plugin that should help to figure it out:

This error means that you have some parenthesis at a property that doesn’t need it. It doesn’t seem to bin in the code you showed.