Question regarding "File -> Import -> Outlines..."

What is the functionality for “File -> Import -> Outlines…”?
I tried running the command and selecting an eps file in main window with nothing selected and did the same with a single glyph selected, but nothing seems to happen.

I searched in the PDF manual and couldn’t find anything.

Perhaps this tutorial would be of assistance with importing your vector shapes:

It should work. And I just checked a few things and found that one feature was disabled by mistake. With the next update you can again drag .eps or .svg files directly into the edit view.

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Thanks Georg for replying.

Waiting for the update.

Please shed some light on what this feature is and how to use it.



That’s what I am doing right now. It is little tedious and long winded workflow for me.
Need to open 3 softwares side by side, CorelDRAW where my initial shapes are drawn. Illustrator, just as a bridge for copy pasting and of course Glyphs.

What i need to do is to export each shape from CorelDRAW as pdf, eps or svg and imoprt it directly in Glyphs.

Can you send me one of the .eps and one .svg exported from CorelDraw?

Sure. (13.4 KB)

I fixed the import.

Thanks for the quick update.

Will check it out.

Thanks Georg for the fix.
Updated the app and the drag and drop of EPS in edit window works like a charm.

Thanks and regards.

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