Question regarding Kerning Groups

I had a look at some forum posts about kerning, I haven’t found what I am looking for.

For example for “E” I’ve used “H” as a Kerning Group (left and right) - so it will acts like an “H”. Okay, now the interesting part, if I want the “É” to act like “E” I will set “E” as Kerning Group but seems this will not get the kerning info from “E” only if I set the “H” . Is there a way to make the things easy by getting the info directly from “E” without setting the “H” .

As I imagine the things, right now this is how the thing works :

E > H
É > H

and I want something like this

É > E > H

Thank you.

You can’t nest kerning groups. And if you use “H” as a group name in the “E”, it doesn’t like to the “H”. You need to add the “H” in the “H”, too. All glyphs with the same group name will end up in a kerning class.

Alright, got it. Thank you.