Questions About Strokes & Interpolation

I recently did an exploration creating a quick variable monospaced typeface using only the stroke function on Glyphs 3.

The typeface only contains two masters, for both extremes.

While in the preview mode in glyphs the middle weight seemed fine, but after exporting and viewing in Ai & Font Gauntlet it seems to have created some ink trap like forms (which honestly look great). I’m sure this would be fixed if I outlined the strokes, but I was wondering if there was a way to either fix this, or control it.

Photos for reference:

All Weights in Glyphs 3 Preview

Middle Weight in Font Gauntlet

Stroke with Mask Enabled

Points for /A

Thank you in advance!

Note: If this happens because i’m using the inner stroke option and not the middle stroke, is there a way to fix this without redrawing?