Questions regarding app workflow


I have some questions regarding Glyphs app workflow. I already have 3 masters Thin, Regular and Bold .

I have done all letters, numbers, marks, symbols.

  1. I am not sure what’s the next step to do after having the base letters, maybe to set metrics and kernings for base letters and numbers which I already have ?

  2. The metrics from base letters will also be automatically shared with the new created ones like diacritics so there will be no more need to do manually for them ? I mean If already set the metrics for “e” - these metrics & kernings will be automatically shared with the new created “ë” ?

  3. The metrics & kernings need to be set manually for all three masters, is there a way to share the metrics from one master to the next two masters ?

… basically not sure how this app works right now and which are the right steps to create a font.

Thank you.

Do you know about these tutorials:

  1. depends on what works best for you. I do metrics early on, together with the shape design. I only do kerning when everything else is (at least almost) done. It should really be the last step.

  2. Metrics: yes, if you use automatic alignment.
    Kerning: no, unless you put the letters in the same group, and use group kerning.

  3. There is a script for that in my GitHub rep: Look in the Metrics subfolder.

You can simply copy&paste kerning between masters and fonts. For spacing, I would make use of metric keys.

  1. the spacing and kerning is usually quite different for the different weights. So you need to do them manually for all masters.

Great, thanks for reply ! Very helpful .

Another question about instances, how about these, I should generate them before kerning step ?

Also these will get metrics and kernigs from the masters ?

No. Generating your fonts requires that you have done everything else. But you can always generate a font for test purposes. You should use the adobe fonts folder for that, though: