Questions & Suggestions for Kerning Panel

Had some questions and possible suggestions with things I’ve been noticing with the G2 and G3 kerning panels.

Display Selected Pair Amount
It is really helpful in G3 that the selected amount of kerning pairs vs the total are displayed (i.e. 1021 of 2940 pairs)…would it be possible to also include this in G2?

Display Font and Master Name on Panel Window
Would it be possible to include the Font/Master name somewhere on the Kerning Panel (not sure if it would be better at the top or near the kern amount total)? This indication would make much easier to know which font you are copying/pasting to/from.

Additional Search Options
Through a forum post, I discovered that there are additionally available search options when clicking on the magnifying glass search icon. (I guess I never clicked on this because I assumed it was just an icon to indicate the search bar) I now notice the little triangle next to the magnifying glass in G2 but this has gone away in G3. I have a feeling these options may be overlooked by users. Maybe the […] three dot options like in the smart filter menus can be used?

But regarding the options…I am wondering if it would make sense to also include a Does Not Contain option? There are times when I want to remove kerning that is not relevant to the portion of the typeface I am working on. I prefix kern groups with a script name so if there was an option to search everything that doesn’t contain this name then this would make it easier to filter and remove pairs.

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For your filter request. You could set up a filter in Font View that only shows the glyphs you are not interested in. Then you filter for selected glyph in the kerning panel. It will use all selected glyphs from Font View.

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This option for In Font View is really helpful!

Is there a way for the selection in the Kerning Panel to be what is in the Editor View? Or, maybe if the cursor is between a kern pair it will make that same selection in the panel?

I thought about connecting the kerning panel with the edit view but that would be very jumpy when you are working in the edit view.

I’ve been trying the In Font View more but I can only filter so far.

In my case, I am trying to isolate only Armenian + Armenian and Armenian + Latin Punctuation kerning so I’ve set up a smart filter where none of the following are true: script=armenian and category=punctuation. I can use In Font View filter to delete these kerning pairs.

The issue is that in the remaining list still contains Latin Punc + Latin Punc (i.e. quoteright and period).

I think if there was also a Does Not Contain in the Kerning Panel search then I can just filter all pairs that do not have a specific kerning group prefix name.

Do you think this would be the way to go about it?

I added your option. :wink:

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