Quoteleft vs commaturnedabovecomb

How is the commaturnedabovecomb designed differently than the quoteleft? Curious what the protocol is for this one. I’m totally new to that one.

Depending on your design of course, but usually commaturnedabove is smaller, it goes above gcommaaccent. Not to confuse with Gcommaccent, where the comma (which also may or may not be a component of the actual comma) goes below the glyph.


and what is going on with the “commaturnedmod”. What is a good protocol here?

Commaturnedmod exists to differentiate from a regular punctuation ‘ on a text processing level, as far as I understand. It’s mainly used in the Polynesian languages like Hawaiian. You better make it look differently from quoteleft in height, weight, size, spacing, or any combination of them; it seems smaller size is a popular solution.