Quotes not working correctly

I am working on my first font and I am sure I did something wrong, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to fix it. So the only quotes I have for this font are the quotedbl and the quotesingle. I exported the font to test it in other apps like Adobe Illustrator and noticed when I type the single or double quotes it reverts back to a default quote instead of inserting the quote I created. I have also noticed that when I copy and paste a paragraph that includes quotes into an application like Adobe Illustrator, the quotes will work as intended, but when typing out a sentence in Adobe illustrator the quotes will revert back to a default quote. How do I go about fixing this problem?

You probably need to build all the quotes, strait and curly. Right click Punctuation > Quotes and select all entries (maybe skip the angled ones (guillemet) for now) and hit Generate.

I added all of the other quotes and exported it to test the font again and it still has the same problem.

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