Random contextual substitution

I have a typeface that contains 4 variations for each letter. I would like to know if there is a way to create a random substitution for each letter. I have followed the * Features, Part 3: Advanced Contextual Alternates* tutorial to the level of three cycles. I fear there may be no way of truly random substitution within world of Adobe software, and the closest I may get to this will be to increase the number of cycles. If anybody could illuminate this issue for me, I would be grateful.

You can create a bunch of classes containing random letters, and then sub if some combination of them is met:

sub @A @B@C by @B.alt
sub @C@D @E by @C.alt

Basically, just like sub a if a follows b, but in more complex fashion.

Some techniques are also described here: Common Techniques

This is the case, yes.

You can also add a rand feature with code like this:

sub a from [a a.cv01 a.cv02 a.cv03];
sub b from [b b.cv01 b.cv02 b.cv03];

There is some (non-Adobe) software that does support the randomisation feature, but only pseudo-randomly so the text does not change (and reflow) every time you zoom in or every time you reopen the file. I believe the Affinity suite is one of them.

There is the script mekkablue > Features > Build rand Feature that helps you build that feature:


ta Mr Mekka (love the pink!). this font has to work in InDesign, as that is what the book designer is using, will your rand feature work in Adobe Hegemony?


Unfortunately no. Best shot is the pseudorandom calt code from the tutorial.