Readable Font Name Preview

Hi there,
is it possible to show in the font menu of a symbol font always the readable font name (like in Wingdings) even if font preview is enabled? Is there a custom parameter for it in Glyphsapp?
Thanks for your help.

The font menu of which application?

Hi mekkablue,

the font menu in Apple Pages.

I did some testing, but frankly, I don’t know how Pages builds its font menu. At first I thought it uses the Panose numbers which you can set with openTypeOS2Panose. The first byte should be 5 for a Dingbat font. But I tried it, and at least for me it didn’t work.

Perhaps it’s the fact that the glyphs have non-standard glyph names in Wingdings.

The best shot I got was this: If you move all your dingbats, say, into the Private Use Area and thus have no more Basic Latin glyphs in the font, the menu is forced to use Lucida Grande for the menu name. But then it’s also much harder to use the font, i.e. type the symbols, which kind of defeats the purpose.

mekkablue, thanks a lot for your efforts.

All dingbat fonts on my system use the method Rainer explained above. So they simply have no glyphs for the standard alphabet.