Reading instance name of default instance in variable font

Hello again, I am using my variable font in DrawBot after updating Glyphs recently. Sadly, when I now export my variable font, the default instance of the variable font does not receive an instance name. So, as an example, if I write listNamedInstances("MyVariableFont"), I get:

OrderedDict([('MyVariableFont', {'wght': 300.0}), ('MyVariableFont_Regular', {'wght': 400.0}), ('MyVariableFont_Bold', {'wght': 700.0})])

But, with my previous version of Glyphs, every instance (including the default one) would receive an instance name. Hence the first entry would read ('MyVariableFont_Light', {'wght': 300.0}).

I have tried following this tutorial and the Microsoft STAT specifications, to no avail. What am I missing? I assume there’s a nifty custom parameter I can add to the default instance in order to keep its name. Appreciate any advice, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I don’t know what drawBot is reading from the font. Do you have an older version of the font from the previous version. You could compare both fonts to find the difference. TTX or OTMaster can help with that.