Rebuild component glyph


Does anyone have a favourite way (script or something I’ve missed in the UI) for rebuilding a component glyph from its components?

For example, if I have an /Aacute, and I add a new master to the font, I can either copy and paste the /A/acutecomb from a different master into the new master, or I can delete the whole glyph and re-add it, which will add the components to each master. But to do that for all the glyphs with missing components is a big deal. Has anyone automated this?

Edit: Bah, it’s mekkablue’s Copy Layer To Layer, isn’t it? Forgot about that one. Never mind.


It doesn’t work with OS X 10.12.6. Rainer said it needs a major rewrite.


Or press Cmd-opt-shift-C. Glyph > Make Component Glyph rebuilds the selected layers with their default compositions.