Recentering work area of an outline using Preview

G2 [1210]
My memory may be off, but I think I used to be able to click in an area of the glyph preview at the bottom and that would center that approximate area on the glyph in the edit window.

If this is true, it doesn’t work any longer. If it wasn’t true, please consider this a request for a gui enhancement to do that.

Double click a glyph in preview?

I was referring to the Preview at the bottom of the edit window of a glyph. Maybe it has a different name than Preview.

Not sure what you mean.

  1. You can double click a glyph in the Preview are (at the bottom), and the glyph will become active for editing in the Edit view above.
  2. You can right-click in the Preview area (at the bottom), and opt to always center active glyph or not.

I am familiar with both those actions.

When I am working on a glyph, and only that one glyph is showing in the Preview pane at the bottom, at higher zoom values it takes a lot of scrolling to move from one place to another in the editing process. For example, at 6000 pt when moving from the top of a glyph to the bottom of the glyph.

I thought we used to be able to double-click on an area in that previewed glyph to move quickly to approximately that area in the editing window. As I said, my memory may not be correct.

If we never could do that, it would be a useful feature to be able to do so.

I see. No, it could never do that. But that is what (opt-)clicking in the scrollbar was for.

Opt-click in the scrollbar is useful but not quite as efficient. It still requires multiple clicks.