Recommended way to name alternate glyphs

I want to create variants of some glyphs. Say eeMatra-gurmukhi. When I duplicate this, I get eeMatra-gurmukhi.001 and it appears next to the main glyph (which is my preference). If I change the 001 to (say) bindi, the new glyph is still shown next to the main one. But if I rename it to eeMatra.bindi-gurumukhi, it’s not shown next to the main glyph anymore. I thought it’ll make sense if all gurumukhi glyph names end with -gurumuki. Will it not be possible to have eeMatra-gurumukhi and eeMatra.bindi-gurumukhi next to each other without messing with the data files?

You should always add the dot-suffix after the script name. So always eeMatra-gurumukhi.bindi instead of eeMatra.bindi-gurumukhi. That way, Glyphs can still recognize the original glyph. The base name has to end with the script tag, not the full name. Only for ligatures, you can “mess” with the part before the script. Then the ligature part need to be separated by an underscore.

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